Charcoal BBQ

Are you someone who loves BBQ in its purest form? Then go for a charcoal BBQ, an authentic experience guaranteed! A charcoal grill is available in different sizes and shapes, from large to small or even portable. With or without lid, the choice is yours! Read more

How to light a charcoal BBQ?

For many BBQ laymen, it's a mystery how to light a charcoal grill. We are happy to give you some tips & tricks! The first question you have to ask yourself is: do I choose charcoal or briquettes? The final choice depends on your personal preference, on your type of charcoal BBQ, but also on what you are going to prepare on the BBQ. Charcoal is nothing less than pieces of charred wood. It generally ignites and glows easily and quickly reaches high temperatures. The harder the type of wood from which the charcoal is made and the larger the pieces, the longer the burning time. Quality charcoal burns up completely and leaves little ash behind in your charcoal BBQ. Certain types of charcoal made from hardwood also add extra flavour to your dishes. Briquettes, on the other hand, consist of crushed charred wood and binder. The advantage of this type is that their compactness means they burn for a very long time and are therefore economical to use. The disadvantage, however, is that more residue of the briquettes remains after burning.

How do you get your charcoal or briquettes hot? If you do not have a charcoal grill with the Quick-Start® system, it's best to use Barbecook's charcoal starter. With this cylindrical tool you save yourself a lot of unnecessary mess. First of all, take the cooking grill of your charcoal BBQ and place a few lighter cubes or wood wool firelighters on the bottom grid. Place the charcoal starter on top of the firelighters. Then pour it full of charcoal or briquettes. Light the firelighters through one of the holes on the side of the starter. The advantage of this method is that the charcoal starter draws in the hot air from below and spreads it through the coals. When the edges of the charcoal are glowing, or the briquettes are covered with a thin layer of grey ash, they are ready for use and you can carefully drop them into the bowl of your charcoal BBQ thanks to the safe-drop system. Then put some extra charcoal or briquettes in the barbecue bowl until it's half full. Wait until all the charcoals/briquettes are white/hot. Let's go!

Finally, a kamado charcoal BBQ can be easily lit as follows: fill the stainless steel charcoal basket for about ½ with charcoal and light it with three fire starters. The air supply at the bottom must be fully open and the lid must also be open. The ceramic body around the basket (firepot) holds the heat perfectly and ensures that the flame is lit quickly.

What are the advantages of a charcoal BBQ?

It’s a fact that the unmistakable BBQ taste and delicious smell of a charcoal BBQ provide an ultimate BBQ feeling! For many people this is the main motivation to choose this type of appliance. Furthermore, a charcoal grill is a fairly 'simple' appliance that is easy to assemble and easy to store.

Which charcoal BBQ's does Barbecook offer?

Barbecook offers different types of charcoal BBQ's: from small on-the-go models to BBQ's with which you can serve up to 10 guests and even kamados. Something for everyone!

Magnus Magnus

Meet Magnus: an in-house designed, multi-functional charcoal barbecue, perfect for those who love cosy moments where flavour, but above all fun, is key. This barbecue comes in three variants: Magnus Original, Magnus Comfort and Magnus Premium.

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Kamal Kamal

Grilling, cooking, smoking, stewing, you name it. This kamado BBQ is a true jack of all trades! Barbecook offers three kamado BBQs: Kamal 53 with a glossy black finish and a grilling surface of 46 cm, Kamal 60 with a glossy black finish and a grilling surface of 53 cm and finally Kamal 60 MAT with a matt black finish and a grilling surface of 53 cm. Each of them are kamado BBQs to blow your mind!

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Loewy Loewy

The iconic charcoal BBQ by Barbecook is the Loewy, a model with a streamlined design that will undoubtedly make the hearts of diehard BBQ fanatics beat faster. This charcoal grill is available in several sizes and finishes: with grill surfaces ranging from 40 to 55 cm and in enamelled or stainless steel. The different models have a windshield and a grill that can be placed at three different levels. The Loewy is also characterised by the QuickStart® & QuickStop system (with the exception of the smallest model which only has the QuickStart® option)

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Edson Edson

Are you a real party animal? Then the Edson is certainly something for you! This charcoal grill is also perfect to use as a bar table. Invite up to 10 guests to enjoy a snack and drink together. Available in black and army green!

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