Do you want to buy a barbecue? Then you've come to the right place! Barbecook offers an extensive range of quality barbecues which meet everyone's grilling needs: for city people, globetrotters or even eco-warriors, there’s something for everyone. In short, you will find the best BBQ at Barbecook! Read more

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Are you going to buy a new barbecue but you don't know what type of appliance to choose? Charcoal, gas or electricity? With or without lid? How many burners? These are all questions that pop up when you are planning to buy a barbecue. The choice mainly depends on the type of heat source you want, where you are going to use your barbecue and for how many people you want to grill. Do you love an authentic barbecue experience and taste, do you like to grill your preparations at extremely high temperatures and do you live outside the city ring? Then choose the traditional charcoal BBQ, for example. However, do you live on an apartment in the middle of the city and do you have a green heart? Then an electric model is the best BBQ for you! Those who love a total outdoor cooking experience with all the trimmings and also like to invite a lot of guests, can go for a gas barbecue or a kamado BBQ

Choice in abundance! And that's not all, because Barbecook offers much more than the above barbecues. How about a table barbecue which you can also take with you on the go, perfect for city people and adventurers. Or a BBQ smoker with which you can infuse your dishes with a heavenly smoke flavor? And then we haven't even talked about grilling on the plancha, the best BBQ for those who love southern vibes. Buying a barbecue has never been so nice thanks to Barbecook's extensive range! Still need some extra tips & tricks for choosing the best BBQ for you? Then hurry to our inspiration page where we give some extra information about our different types of barbecues!