Hasselback potatoes on the BBQ

Belgians and potatoes remain an inseparable duo. A barbecue party is therefore not complete without potatoes! Yet it doesn't always have to be basic potatoes in aluminium foil, fries or small potatoes. Choose the Barbecook hasselback potato cutting set and go for delicious, hot and trendy! 

Ready to taste the fun?

Hasselback potatoes on the BBQ

Hasselback potatoes, what?

Hasselback potatoes originated in Sweden. They are fried potatoes, where the potato is cut into thin slices up to about halfway. Then the potatoes are rubbed with butter or olive oil between the slices, and finally the potato is stuffed with tasty things. Choose hasselback potatoes with fresh garden herbs, mozzarella, bacon, peppers... The possibilities are endless! With the help of the Barbecook hasselback potato cutting set, you will undoubtedly make an impression at your next barbecue party.

Preparation of hasselback potatoes on the BBQ

For the preparation of the hasselback potato, we choose the Barbecook Stella 4311. Turn on the burners in one turn using the 'one hand' control and let the gas barbecue preheat to about 220°C. The Barbecook Stella 4311 comes with a multifunctional universal plancha plate, which is perfect for the preparation of hasselback potatoes. Furthermore, the double-walled lid of the Stella ensures that the potato is not only cooked directly but also indirectly.

Don't have a gas barbecue with a lid? No problem! The hasselback potatoe can also be prepared perfectly on a charcoal barbecue. In that case, we recommend choosing a Barbecook dome, so that the warmth of the fire is reflected on the hasselback potatoes and they can therefore be grilled not only directly, but also indirectly.

Wash the potatoes and cut them into slices using the Barbecook hasselback potato cutting set. Let the butter melt and mix it with chopped garlic, parsley, chives, pepper and salt. Then rub the potatoes with this herb mixture. Make it easy on yourself and choose the Barbecook sauce pan with marinade brush. Be sure to keep some herb butter for later. Top the potatoes with Cheddar cheese and bacon and finish with coarse sea salt.

Place the hasselback potatoes on the preheated plancha plate and grill for about 30 minutes. Coat the hasselback potatoes regularly with a little extra herb butter to make them extra flavorful and crunchy. Next, remove the potatoes from the grill and top with some lemon zest. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and a summer salad of arugula and cherry tomatoes.