Cedar-plank smoked salmon

You don’t have a smoker at home, but you would like to add a delicious smoky flavour to your fish on the BBQ? Barbecook to the rescue! Thanks to Barbecook's range of smoking boards you can give your piece of fish a nice smoky aroma. In this recipe we prepare cedar-plank smoked salmon. Highly recommended!

Cedar-plank smoked salmon

How does a smoking board work?

It sounds strange, a wooden plank on the barbecue, but you certainly have to try it out! Barbecook offers 3 different kinds of smoking boards: boards of cedar woodbeech wood and alder wood. Before using a smoking board, you should let it soak in water for some time. If necessary, place something heavy on top of the smoking board so that it remains submerged. Before you start working with your smoking board, it’s advisable to grill your dish very briefly on the barbecue. This will allow the smoking board to impart more flavour to your dish. Then you need to place the water-soaked smoking board briefly above a direct heat zone of your BBQ. Once the bottom darkens and you see smoke, turn the smoking board over. You then place the preparation on top and place the board above an indirect heat zone of the BBQ. The smoking can begin!

Preparation of cedar-plank smoked salmon

For the preparation of the cedar-plank smoked salmon, we use the Edson BBQ, a multifunctional BBQ that can be transformed into a bar table after your barbecue session. Good vibes only!

Soak the cedar smoking board in water for at least 1 hour. In the meantime, mix all the ingredients for the marinade in Barbecook's stainless steel saucepot. Generously brush the piece of salmon with the marinade and leave to soak for at least half an hour.

Light the Edson BBQ with a charcoal starter and bring to a temperature of about 180 °C. Once the BBQ is grill-ready, place the salmon briefly on the grid. Take it off after about 20 seconds. Now place the soaked smoking board above a direct heat zone on your BBQ. Once the bottom of the board gets a dark colour, turn it over. Then place the salmon on top and place the smoking board above an indirect heat zone (create the heat zones in advance by raking the coals to one side). Grill the salmon for about 25 minutes until the salmon is no longer transparent and the outside is slightly crispy. Preferably use an Olivia dome or something else that functions as a lid. This will ensure the best possible result.

Cut the piece of salmon into two and serve with a fresh salad.